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DieHard Wolfers Forum - An active Wolfenstein 3D Fan community.

Wolf3D Haven Forum - A friendly Wolfenstein 3D community, about Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to first person shooters.

Team Raycast Forum - A development forum for the Team RayCast Wolf3D modding team, created and administrated since by Doomjedi . Most of it's areas are private reserved for team developers only but it has some public areas as well for general use.


AReyeP & MCS' Wolfenstein 3D Add Ons & Total Conversions Page - Great site containing coding resources and tips as well as mods made by AReyeP and MCS.

ECWolf - A next generation platform for running Wolfenstein 3D that simplifies many aspects of modding.

Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Page - Excellent site by the creator of Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Editor, which in my own opinion is the simplest, most user friendly map editor available for Windows.  Contains everything you might want to know about the editor as well as coding tips and links to Havoc's projects.

WinWolf3D - Home of Wolfenstein Data Compiler (WDC), the most complete, functional tool for editing Wolf3D maps, graphics, sound, music, and screens.  A must for anybody new to Wolf3D modding.

Wolfenstein 3D Dome - One of the most complete Wolfenstein 3D sites on the net with loads of mods available as well as resources, coding tutorials, and utilities.

Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D Page - Brian Lowe's original site.  You can still find plenty of older content here.

The Wolfenstein 3D Blog - Excellent blog updated frequently with Wolfenstein 3D News.  Also includes Wolfer Q&As and links to mods by authors such as Dean, RonWolf, Team Raycast, Serpens, and Majik Monkey.

Wolfenstein Goodies - Extensive site by Matt Stath.  Contains news/updates and downloads for Wolf3D and Doom mods.


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