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This section contains all the utilities you will need to get started making your own Wolfenstein 3D mods.  From C++ compilers to map editors to all-in-one tools, you will find it all here.


Description Download
Wolf4SDL Source Code Repository (Feb 2017) Click here
DOS Wolfenstein 3D Source Code Click here
WOLF4GW Source Code Click here
Code::Blocks with MiniGW: This is an easy to use, open-source interface that is optimal for working with the SDL version of the Wolfenstein source code.  The version posted here includes the MiniGW compiler, making it very easy to get started. Click here
SDL Devel Win32\MinGW: Required for Wolf4SDL Click here
SDL Mixer Devel Win32: Required for Wolf4SDL Click here
Borland C++ 3.1: The original compiler used to work with the DOS version of Wolfenstein 3D. Click here
VGA Files: Compiling the DOS code requires these special versions of the game's VGA files.  Overwrite your existing VGA files or otherwise your compiled EXE won't work! Click here


Description Download
WDC 1.17.396: The most popular all-in-one editor for Wolfenstein 3D.  This one does maps, sounds, graphics, music, and even help screens.  It's also compatible with not only Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny but other games that use its engine such as Blake Stone and Corridor 7. Click here
ChaosEdit: Another all-in-one editor that edits maps, graphics, and sound.  A lot of people prefer this one because it features 3D view, allowing you to preview how an area will look straight from the editor. Click here
FloEdit II: The second edition of the legendary all-in-one Wolfenstein editor.  Edits maps, graphics, and sounds.  You may have issues with the installer if running a 64-bit operating system. Click here
FloEdit 1.1: The original version of the all-in-one Wolfenstein editor. Click here


Description Download
Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Editor: The modern MapEdit. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to use.  Supports 128x128 maps. Click here
MapEdit 8.5: The original DOS-based map editor.  Mileage may vary on modern systems. Click here
MapEdit 7.2: An earlier version of MapEdit.  This was the last version of MapEdit that was compatible with the shareware version of Wolf3D, so if you want to make shareware levels and use MapEdit, use this one. Click here


Description Download
IMF Creator: Easy-to-use tool for converting midi files to IMF for use in Wolfenstein 3D mods. Click here
IMFTools: Contains tools for converting midi files and mus files to IMF for use in Wolfenstein 3D.  You will need to first convert your midi to a MUS file and then convert it to IMF. Click here
IMF Music Player: WinAmp plugin that plays IMF music files. Click here


Description Download
WOLF4SDL: EXE that allows you to natively run Wolfenstein 3D in Windows.  Just drop the file along with the included DLLs in your Wolf3D directory and your ready to go! Click here
SoD4SDL: EXE that allows you to natively run Spear of Destiny in Windows.  Just drop the file along with the included DLLs in your SoD directory and your ready to go! Click here
Pixelformer: Simple, easy to use tool for editing 256-color images.  Great for creating Wolf3D textures and sprites. Click here
WOLFSTUFF: Complete package for DOS editing.  Includes MapEdit 4.1, Wolfedit 2.1, and Wolfsnd. Click here


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